Why I didn’t attend the RWA national conference in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to make it to the RWA national conferences in 2009 and 2010 but this year decided to give the Melbourne conference – From Here to Eternity – a miss.

There were two reasons for this. Firstly, I had nothing to show. My wip hadn’t progressed enough for me to be able to take something of substance to the table at the 2011 gig. I really didn’t feel like telling people I had one book in the drawer and another stagnating on my laptop.

There’s such an overwhelming euphoric mood at these conferences that I didn’t want to bore anybody to death with my stories of ‘failure to launch’.

Also, I’ve done so much ‘craft’ stuff in the last few years that I thought it was about time to put some of the stored (I’m ever hopeful) knowledge to use.

I know you can never know enough about ‘craft’ but as my spouse likes to say: “Just write the book.”

So, that’s it people (or person – I get about one random hit per week because I rarely post BECAUSE I don’t have anything to write about) I’ve laid my tortured soul bare.

I hear it was an amazing weekend in Melbourne – as usual the RWA knows how to hold a conference. And there are some beautiful people I would’ve liked to have reconnected with.

Rumour has it the Clayton’s online conference was equally brilliant.

I hope to make it to the 2012 RWA conference on the Gold Coast. But seriously, I won’t go if I have nothing to show and tell.


6 responses to “Why I didn’t attend the RWA national conference in Melbourne

  1. Hey, I completely understand and agree with pretty much everything you said. It’s part of the reason I didn’t go.

    I’m hoping to rectify this within the next 12 months, so maybe we’ll hang together on the GC!

    Happy birthday, too!

  2. Silly girl, we would have sat in that boat on the shore together! My writing has been slack as crap for months, so instead of doing all the craft type sessions I did the ones that I personally needed to kick my arse back into gear and boost my creative juices! My writing goals are now thus:
    1. Finished my current WIP (second novel) before my publisher kills me.
    2. Complete my third novel and begin my forth by Christmas 2011.

    I hope to see you at the Gold Coast for 2012! You were missed!

  3. Actually, High 5 closes on 10th Sept – I think you should enter. It’s only max 5 pages, you can write that. C’mon Shayne, you can do it, get that ball rolling again!!! Let me know if you want to brainstorm, hugs AJ

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