Why I didn’t attend the RWA national conference in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to make it to the RWA national conferences in 2009 and 2010 but this year decided to give the Melbourne conference – From Here to Eternity – a miss.

There were two reasons for this. Firstly, I had nothing to show. My wip hadn’t progressed enough for me to be able to take something of substance to the table at the 2011 gig. I really didn’t feel like telling people I had one book in the drawer and another stagnating on my laptop.

There’s such an overwhelming euphoric mood at these conferences that I didn’t want to bore anybody to death with my stories of ‘failure to launch’.

Also, I’ve done so much ‘craft’ stuff in the last few years that I thought it was about time to put some of the stored (I’m ever hopeful) knowledge to use.

I know you can never know enough about ‘craft’ but as my spouse likes to say: “Just write the book.”

So, that’s it people (or person – I get about one random hit per week because I rarely post BECAUSE I don’t have anything to write about) I’ve laid my tortured soul bare.

I hear it was an amazing weekend in Melbourne – as usual the RWA knows how to hold a conference. And there are some beautiful people I would’ve liked to have reconnected with.

Rumour has it the Clayton’s online conference was equally brilliant.

I hope to make it to the 2012 RWA conference on the Gold Coast. But seriously, I won’t go if I have nothing to show and tell.